When should I book my baby’s cake smash photo session?

Cake smash portraits are certainly becoming more and more popular way to celebrate a baby hitting that first-year milestone.

The first year of our lives is the most important one when the most changes are happening. This is the time which shouldn’t be missed and I strongly recommend to capture nearly every minute of it so there will be something to look back it. After all this is their transition year when they become from a baby to a toddler.

Nora's first birthday. Baby girls is sitting behind her cake with colourful balloons in the background.

Did you know that I offer first year photo packages? What it means is at your 20 weeks scan you can book your newborn session and another 2 sessions within the baby’s first year for only £99. The second session is called the sitter session which is done when your little one is around 7-8 months old and can sit unsupported. The third one can be either the first birthday session or if you prefer it can be your maternity session when you are between 32-36 weeks.

Little toddler sitting on the floor looking up into the camera. There is a ONE sign on the floor from wooden letters.

The cake smash session or other words the first birthday session doesn’t need to be exactly on the baby’s first birthday. In fact I would highly recommend to get is done when the baby is around 11 months old so the photos can be used for birthday invitation cards or even on social media to celebrate their birthday.

Baby girl is sitting in a metal bath tub having her tongue out.

Did you know that I also do themed cake smash photo shoots? What does that mean? You can choose from a selection of colours and themed props like football, rainbow, retro etc. Please contact me beforehand to discuss the details.

So book your session as early as you can even at the 20 weeks scan so you will have the peace of mind that your booking is confirmed and in the diary. On the other hand if you leave it too late there is a risk that I might not be able to fit you in around my other pre-booked photo sessions.

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